Hydrogen Electrolyzer

1. Light weight, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
2. Highly active catalytic electrodes, the distance between electrodes is almost zero.
3. Direct electrolysis of pure water (without adding lye), only need to add distilled water for daily maintenance.
4. High-efficiency proton membrane, titanium alloy electrolyzer.
5. The electrolyzer has low heat generation, high electrolysis efficiency and zero pollution.
6. The gas produced is of high purity, and the purity does not attenuate.
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The PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolyzer independently developed by CNNE™ adopts the Hycean series of Proton Membrane Electrode dedicated to Hydrogen Evolution to ensure safe, stable, and high-purity hydrogen output from the electrolyzer. It has a long service life, high electrolysis efficiency, safety, reliability, environmental protection, and other advantages; the modular design can be used to string and stack PEM electrolyzers to meet the production of green hydrogen of any magnitude. The hydrogen production electrolyzer packaged in this way has the characteristics of firm combination, stable performance, low loss and long service life.



1. Very suitable for small gas stations, seasonal energy storage, and commercial applications
2. Applicable to hydrogen generators, hydrogen absorbers, hydrogen oxygen generators, hydrogen water generators, etc.
3. It can be applied to hydrogen medical treatment, hydrogen health care, hydrogen beauty, hydrogen agriculture and other industries


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