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Application field
Environmentally friendly water treatment

Environmental protection water treatment introduction:Electrochemical water treatment system is based on the electrochemical principle of electrochemical theory and polar water molecules to be developed on the basis of the environmental protection new technology, it has the descaling, antiscale, sterilization, alga killing, corrosion, and other functions, can also be dissolved water circulation pipeline has become a solid scale, to reduce the salt ion concentration, the degradation of organic matter, water saving, energy saving pollution-free new technologies such as performance, It is the mainstream treatment way of circulating water treatment in the future.

Principle of Environmental Protection Water TreatmentThe principle of electrochemical water treatment system is: under the action of direct current, the positive and negative ions in the aqueous solution between the positive and negative plates move to the polar plate, and the electron gain and loss reaction (discharge reaction) occurs. The anode produces oxidation reaction, producing OH-, O3, H2O2 and other strong oxidation substances, which has the effect of descaling, algae killing, sterilization and corrosion prevention. The cathode produces a reduction reaction, which reduces Ca2+ and Mg2+ and produces precipitation on the cathode plate, which is then removed from the system, reducing the salt content and hardness of the system and increasing the concentration times. Due to the operation process without the addition of chemicals, the sewage discharged in addition to a slightly higher salt content, no other pollution, it is easy to deal with.

Application:Electrolytic process in water treatment, commonly used in chromium, cyanide, such as inorganic wastewater treatment, and dyes, and dyeing of organic wastewater treatment, and in the printing and dyeing, metallurgy, papermaking, oil field, chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, electronics, printing, mining, mineral processing, steel rolling and product processing, seafood processing, dairy products processing, meat processing, and other fields are widely used.

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