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Introduction of anode plate (ruthenium)Metal oxide coated titanium electrode, according to the anode precipitated gas in the electrochemical reaction, for the anode precipitated chlorine gas called chlorine anode, such as ruthenium coating titanium electrode;

Advantages 1. High anticorrosion performance, good reversion performance. 2. High current efficiency and very low energy consumption compared with graphite anode. 3. Long working life, in chlor-alkali industry, the service life of more than 8 years. 4. After the electrode is deactivated, the substrate can be reused.

Application field:Chlor-alkali industry, diaphragm alkali, chlorate industry, electrolytic preparation of chlorine dioxide, acid water electrolysis, electrolysis of seawater to chlorine, power plant recycling water sterilization and algae killing, chloride system electrodeposition metal, ionized water electrolysis, electrodialysis, etc.

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