Hydrogen-water electrolysis module

Hydrogen-water electrolysis module

1. Light weight, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
2. Highly active catalytic electrodes, the distance between electrodes is almost zero.
3. Direct electrolysis of pure water (without adding lye), only need to add distilled water for daily maintenance.
4. Efficient proton membrane, titanium alloy electrolyzer.
5. The electrolyzer has low heat generation, high electrolysis efficiency and zero pollution.
6. The gas produced is of high purity, and the purity does not attenuate.
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CNNE™ hydrogen electrolyzer adopts the SPE technology independently developed by the company to input pure water with a TDS of 0 into the electrolyzer.Chambers separated by proton exchange membranes are formed due to the splitting effect of the voltage on water, and in the anode chamber, Oxygen, hydrogen ions and electrons are released. Hydrogen ions (H+) reach the cathode chamber through the proton exchange membrane, absorb electrons to form hydrogen gas, discharge from the cathode chamber, and enter the gas-water separator to generate high-purity hydrogen gas.
Anode reaction: H²O→2H++2e-+1/20²
Cathode reaction: 2H++2e-→H2.


 hydrogen-rich water machine, desktop water machine, hydrogen inhalation machine, hydrogen oxygen breathing machine, hydrogen water bubble bath machine and other hydrogen health equipment

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