Application field

Application field

Application field

Hydrogen energyCNNE™ hydrogen electrolyzer adopts the SPE technology independently developed by the company to input pure water with a TDS of 0 into the electrolyzer.Chambers separated by proton exchange membranes are formed due to the splitting effect of the voltage on water, and in the anode chamber, Oxygen, hydrogen ions and electrons are released. Hydrogen ions (H+) reach the cathode chamber through the proton exchange membrane, absorb electrons to form hydrogen gas, discharge from the cathode chamber, and enter the gas-water separator to generate high-purity hydrogen gas.

                 Anode reaction: H²O→2H++2e-+1/20²

                 Cathode reaction: 2H++2e-→H2

The advantages:Independently developed PEM membrane electrode and bipolar plate, invention patent number: (ZL2022217962367),It has excellent catalytic performance; low cell pressure, high electrolysis efficiency, stable gas output, high strength and pressure resistance, and stable mechanical structure;Automatic pressure balance, no deformation; wading parts are made of acid and alkali resistant materials to ensure no corrosion;Each electrolyzer is tested by "mass spectrometer leak detector" before leaving the factory.


Applications: Hydrogen energy, hydrogen production, electronics industry, semiconductor       industry and other fields

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