Large electrolytic cell

1. High operating current density
2. Low energy consumption
3. High hydrogen production pressure
4. Adapt to the volatility characteristics of renewable energy power generation
5. Easy to combine with renewable energy consumption
6. Stronger adaptability to power fluctuations
7. Faster cold start and warm start
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"Zero-gap technology" can fully utilize the membrane area and prolong the service life of the membrane, has the widest operating pressure range, can meet all the requirements of the operator, multi-layer stacking can plan future expansion. Advanced modules The seal reduces the risk of leaks and corrosion, and the proprietary long-life electrode coating helps reduce power consumption and improve cell performance, enabling 24/7 hydrogen production.



1. Use PEM proton exchange membrane electrolysis (pure water) to produce high-purity hydrogen
2. Hydrogen production by PEM water electrolysis



Hydrogen production (Nm³/h ) 0-5
Hydrogen Pressure (MPa) 0-3
Hydrogen Td value 70°C
Operating Current ( Constant Current ) 0-120A
Dimensions (cm) 361×361×500mm
Water temperature (°C ) 20-60
Hydrogen Purity:              100.00%
Energy consumption 4.5KWh/Nm³
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