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Application field

Application field

Health IntroductionIn recent years, the development of hydrogen biology has been very rapid. Many scholars have proved that they can prevent and intervene hundreds of diseases and injuries by breathing, drinking or injecting hydrogen water. Although the medical research on hydrogen is still on the way, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of hydrogen have been very clear, and the great biosafety of hydrogen is an important prerequisite for the availability of hydrogen. The elderly are in relatively poor physical condition, prone to multiple diseases and chronic diseases, and need to be more cautious in drug use. Hydrogen, as a biomedical tool with great safety and broad spectrum, will play a unique and key role. Safe hydrogen with medical effects will be a great blessing for the elderly.Studies have shown that hydrogen has preventive and interventional effects on ischemic reperfusion injury of various organs, radiation injury of various tissues, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, neurodegenerative diseases and so on. The great biosafety of hydrogen and the safety of hydrogen in human body have been a large number of sufficient research evidence, which is an important prerequisite for hydrogen to be used as a preventive intervention tool for many chronic diseases. In particular, geriatric diseases are mostly chronic diseases that require long-term intervention. Hydrogen is almost a perfect tool for geriatric medicine.

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