Hydrogen-water electrolysis module (water cup slot)

Hydrogen-water electrolysis module (water cup slot)

1. The zero-spacing diaphragm electrolysis method truly realizes the separation of hydrogen and oxygen, and is a safe and reliable electrolytic cell
2. There is no drainage during electrolysis, only oxygen is discharged
3. Using a special proton membrane treatment process; small hydrogen bubbles dissolve water quickly
4. Pure hydrogen and oxygen are separated, and the cathode in contact with drinking water is platinum titanium electrode without precipitation
5. The generation of micro-nano bubbles makes hydrogen more soluble in water
6. High purity: the purity of hydrogen production is as high as 99.999% or more, and ozone and residual chlorine are separated and discharged from the bottom during electrolysis
7. Portable: You can use mineral water bottles on the market, which are small and beautiful, and can be used to make hydrogen-rich water anytime, anywhere
8. Wide range of water quality: mineral water, purified water and distilled water can be electrolyzed (tap water with TDS>10 is prohibited)
9. One slot for two purposes, can be directly connected to the mineral water bottle
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This water electrolysis module adopts a food-grade PC shell, thickened high-purity platinum-coated titanium electrode sheets, to ensure that there is no heavy metal precipitation in the water. The refined manufacturing process and more than 560 holes can separate more high-quality hydrogen.


Suitable for hydrogen-rich water cups, hydrogen-rich kettles, hydrogen-rich water machines and other hydrogen products.



Amount of dissolved hydrogen 3500-7000PPb
Power consumption <2.5W
Using pressure ≤0.5MPa
Size Φ49.2mm×H 34.5mm
Weight 39g, tolerance ±5%
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