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Company Events

March 2022

Invented "Precious metal nano-powder, graphene, perfluororesin mixed together to prepare "proton exchange membrane for fuel cell and water electrolysis"

December 2021

Was rated as a national "high-tech enterprise"

August 2021

Successfully developed and completed the production process and equipment of "recycling and remanufacturing of proton exchange membranes"

June 2021

Won the title of "Guangdong Province 2020 Observing Contract and Valuing Credit" Enterprise

June 2021

Obtained "Intellectual Property Management System" certification

May 2021

Completed the development of "adjustable PH value pure hypochlorous acid electrolysis device"

April 2021

Invention of "ruthenium platinum precious metal mixed coating electrode"

March 2021

Invention of "Noble Metal Electrode Low-Temperature Coating and Its Preparation Process and Formula"

September 2020

Obtained the software issued by the National Copyright Administration: "Intelligent System for Hydrogen Electrolyte Performance Testing", "Automatic Testing System for Membrane Electrode Performance", "Intelligent Control System for Automatic Coating of Titanium Electrodes", and "Intelligent Testing System for Titanium Electrode Material Performance Parameters" Copyright certificate

August 2020

Development and completion of "hydrogen-oxygen hybrid electrolysis device"

July 2020

Completed the development of "nanobubble water electrolysis device"

June 2020

Obtained the "Guangdong Province-2019 Annual Contract-honoring and Credit-Reliable" Enterprise

January 2020

Development and completion of "water electrolysis to produce O3 electrolysis device"

June 2019

June 2019: Officially included in Dongguan's "Enterprise above Designated Size"

March 2019

March 2019: Development and completion of "cleaning and disinfection dual-purpose multi-tank electrolyzer"

December 2018

December 2018: Development and completion of the "modified production formula and process of the catalytic layer on the surface of the proton exchange membrane"

October 2018

October 2018: Development of "Nano Cutting Gas-Liquid Mixer" completed

February 2018

February 2018: "Dongguan Zhongrui Electrode Research Institute" was established

April 2017

April 2017: Development and completion of "high hydrogen and low alkali value micro-nano bubble electrolyzer"

September 2015

Invented "aqueous coating solution for environmentally friendly platinum salt electrodes"

August 2015

Invented the "chain production process for precious metal electrodes"

February 2014

The "multi-functional electrolyzed water system" has been successfully developed, which integrates the functions of acid-base, cold and heat, air mixing and nano-bubble.

August 2013

Successfully developed "multi-functional electrolyzer with variable combination and stacking"

October 2012

Self-developed "electrode life detection device system"

August 2011

Obtained ISO9000:2008 quality management system certification

March 2006

A book, a test bench, start the electrolysis technology career



● Mass production of superconducting anti-oxidation Ti-based bipolar plates
● Mass production of nanocrystalline ruthenium inverted electrode


● Sino-Swiss Electrode Research Institute obtained "National Laboratory and Third-Party Certification Qualification"
● Sino-Swiss Guoneng Company was awarded "Specialized, Specialized and Special New Enterprise"
● Proton membrane intelligent assembly line production


● Batch preparation of 300m³/h electrolyzed water hydrogen production tank and its system


● Build overseas branches and serve the world

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