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Anode Plate (Iridium) Introduction:Metal oxide coated titanium electrode, according to the anode precipitates gas in the electrochemical reaction, for oxygen precipitation on the anode for the oxygen evolution anode, such as iridium coating titanium electrode.

Advantages 1. Extremely high corrosion resistance. 2. High current efficiency. Oxygen evolution over potential ≤ 1.5 V (relative to calomel electrode) 3. Long working life. High electrocatalytic oxidation activity. 4. After the electrode is deactivated, the substrate can be reused. 5. Can carry large current density, high production efficiency。

Application:Metal foil, electrolytic copper foil, galvanized steel plate, cathodic protection, electrolytic synthesis of organic matter, electroplating chromium, etching solution regeneration and copper recovery, swirling electrolysis, hydrometallurgy, HHO generator, sewage treatment and other industries.

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