Slightly acidic hypochlorous acid electrolytic cell

Slightly acidic hypochlorous acid electrolytic cell

1. Modular-plate structure design
2. The flow size can be customized
3. The electrode plate can be replaced
4. Easy to operate and maintain
5. The ion membrane can be replaced
6. Reversible
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The anode plate is made of titanium, ruthenium, iridium, platinum, tantalum and other five-element rare and precious metal coatings, which can prevent the oxidation of the anode plate during the electrolysis process, improve the life of the electrode and the entire equipment, stable performance and high electrolysis efficiency , No cleaning, corrosion resistance. In the process of use, no cleaning and maintenance, long life (more than three years), low resistance, can automatically balance the pH of the cathode and anode boxes, reduce power consumption, raw material consumption, and reduce operating costs. The slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water produced by this electrode has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, extensive, fast and efficient sterilization, no need for secondary rinsing, low cost, low residue, no harmful substances, and can be directly discharged after use.


Suitable for surface disinfection, air disinfection, sanitary ware, environmental and fabric disinfection. Specifically used in education, medical care, transportation, nursing homes, hotels, confinement clubs, fitness clubs, swimming pools, shopping malls, vegetable markets, medical beauty, catering, home, food processing, brewing or beverage factories, vegetable and fruit cleaning, pets, aquaculture and other fields.



Project 3 slots 5 slots 7 slots 9 slots Slot 11
Dimensions 206X105mm 206X105mm 206X105mm 206X105mm 206X105mm
Thickness 35mm Thickness 45mm Thickness 55mm Thickness 66.5mm Thickness 76.5mm
Using water pressure ≤0.2MPa ≤0.2MPa ≤0.2MPa ≤0.2MPa ≤0.2MPa
Operating Temperature 5~40℃ 5~40℃ 5~40℃ 5~40℃ 5~40℃
Traffic 1L/min 1-2L/min 1-2L/min 1-3L/min 1-3L/min
Available chlorine 10-50ppm 10-80ppm 10-100ppm 10-110ppm 10-120ppm
PH value of hypochlorous acid water 3~7 3~7 3~7 3~7 3~7
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