Pure water hydrogen production electrolyzer

Pure water hydrogen production electrolyzer

1. Hydrogen production by electrolysis of pure water (prohibition of adding alkali)
2, no corrosion, no pollution
3. High purity of hydrogen
4. No fever, long replacement cycle of desiccant
5. Low power consumption and high electrolysis efficiency
6. Reliable and robust design
7. Hydrogen production rate: 7.5 mL/min@1A
8. Oxygen production rate: 3.75 mL/min@1A
9. No chemicals or impurities
10. The special flow field design ensures that the circulating water flow is accelerated and the temperature is reduced
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The product contains a set of proton exchange membrane electrolyzers that can be completely disassembled and then reassembled, especially for educational and research purposes. PEM electrolyzers produce hydrogen and oxygen from deionized (or distilled) water with the help of a power source. This product is also very suitable for students to understand hydrogen economy and clean energy technology, and can be used for small hydrogen health products, such as: hydrogen water machine, hydrogen generator, gas-liquid mixer, etc. A small simple power supply that can supply the following voltage and current values ​​is sufficient to run this electrolyser: 0V to 5 V and 0 A to 10A.



1. Laboratory experiments and teaching
2. Laboratory analytical instruments
3. Hydrogen health care industry
4. Hydrogen beauty industry
5. Special field fuel 
6. Fuel cell hydrogen supply
7. Other pure H2 application areas
8. Hydrogen generator
9. Mixing of gas and water



Project parameters
Size 75*62*48mm
Electrode Area Approx. 11.56 cm²
Current density (using room temperature deionized water, 20 – 23 °C) Approximately  0  to  1000 mA/cm²
Hydrogen Amount 0-86.7ml/min
Electrolysis current (constant current) 0-10A
Electrolysis Voltage 5v
Anode circulating water flow 0.2-1.0L/min
Anode feed water TDS 0
Operating Temperature 5-50℃
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