Fruit and vegetable machine electrode

Fruit and vegetable machine electrode

1. The multi-element precious metal oxide coating formula has strong corrosion resistance and can work in many electrolytic media with strong corrosiveness and special requirements
2. The production of free radicals is large, the effect of reducing pesticide residues is good, and the effect of air bubbles is remarkable
3. Stable performance and sufficient electrolysis reaction
4. Low working voltage, therefore, low power consumption and long working life
5. Under the premise of no damage, the base metal titanium can be used repeatedly for many times
6. The anode size is stable, and the distance between electrodes does not change during the electrolysis process, which can ensure that the electrolysis operation is carried out under the condition of stable cell voltage
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Organic matter will undergo direct oxidation reaction and indirect reaction under the action of the electrode, so that the organic macromolecules such as pesticides in fruits and vegetables are degraded, and these molecules are mineralized into water, carbon dioxide and inorganic salts. It can effectively degrade bacteria, pesticide residues, hormones, etc., and the electrolytic ion purification is safe.


1. Disinfect the sink
2. Fruit and vegetable sterilizer
3. Food purifier
4. Integrated smart kitchen, etc.



Substrate Titanium (TA1, TA2)
Coating ruthenium, iridium, platinum-based mixed oxides
Coating Thickness 0.2-20μm
Shapes Mesh, sheet, plate, etc. (can be customized)
Voltage 2~20V
Specifications Customizable
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