Marine domestic sewage treatment

Marine domestic sewage treatment

1. Unique design, high reliability and low maintenance cost
2. Immediate treatment by electrolytic treatment unit
3. The electrode size is stable and the catalytic activity is high
4. Low operating voltage and low power consumption
5. The working life of titanium anode is long, which can reach more than 5~7 years
6. Precious metals iridium and ruthenium have oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance
7. The titanium substrate can be reused
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With the continuous development of the marine transportation industry and the oil industry, the marine environmental problems caused by the domestic sewage from ships and offshore platforms are becoming more and more serious. At present, electrolysis and electroflocculation are widely used in domestic sewage treatment of ships and offshore platforms. Due to the advantages of high flexibility, multiple functions, low pollution, easy control, economical efficiency, fast treatment process, and good resistance to hydraulic load impact, electrolysis has significant advantages in the treatment of domestic sewage on ships and offshore platforms. The use of strong electrolysis sewage treatment method for domestic sewage treatment of offshore facilities can meet the sewage treatment requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) MEPC.159 (55) standard.

Electrolysis is the electrochemical reaction of sewage by electrolysis. The principle is that after the domestic sewage enters the device, seawater is mixed into the electrolytic cell, and the seawater electrolysis produces a strong oxidant CLO-, which degrades and disinfects the organic matter in the sewage, which can kill the larvae or spores of marine organisms, and degrade the COD in the water at the same time. Remove pollutants from marine sewage and effectively improve water quality.



Patented electrolytic marine water sanitation equipment serving the marine and offshore oil and gas markets.


Titanium anode MMO Coated Titanium Anode
Substrate Pure Titanium Gr1/Gr2
Coating material Iridium, Ruthenium
Precious Metal Content Adjustable to application
Shape  different sizes and shapes available



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