Pure hypochlorous acid electrolytic cell

Pure hypochlorous acid electrolytic cell

Features: 1. It can ensure that the electrolysis operation is carried out under the condition that the cell voltage is stable. 2. The working voltage is low, the power consumption is small, and the DC power consumption can be reduced by 10-20%. 3. The titanium anode has long working life and strong corrosion resistance, and the titanium substrate can be reused. 4. High current density, small overpotential and high electrode catalytic activity, which can effectively improve production efficiency. 5. The ion membrane can be replaced repeatedly.
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Pure hypochlorous acid electrolyzers produce electrolyzed water with extremely high redox potential (ORP). Depending on the configuration, the system can be designed to continuously generate electrolyzed water with an ORP in the range of 800 to 1000 mV, increasing its effectiveness as a potent antimicrobial.

  Electrolyzed Oxidized Water is a strong oxidant (800 to 1000 mV) that kills microbial pathogens immediately upon exposure by disrupting cell walls, or inactivating pathogens by entering and destroying proteins, lipids, and DNA.


1. Medical beauty, food processing, dining utensils, environmental disinfection, air disinfection, pesticide residue degradation and other environmental disinfection.

2. Commercial Laundry. Ideal for commercial laundry as it is safe, natural and effective. It is gentle on linen, does not corrode fabrics, and meets the need to implement safer, more natural alternatives to toxic chemicals. Electrolyzed oxidized water is gentle on sheets. It will not change color, corrode fabrics or leave any residue that causes itching or irritation.

3. Can be used to wash and sanitize laundry carts, containers, lids and liners contaminated with dirty sheets.

4. Since hypochlorous acid is stable in solution, it can be used for disinfection of contact surfaces.

5. Safe and non-irritating, it can be used to help disinfect hands and feet before entering the facility.


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DSA special electrode for oxygen evolution

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Electrolytically available chlorine


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