Sewage Disinfection and Oxidation

1. The equipment is small in size and occupies a small area
2. High current density and high production efficiency
3. Strong corrosion resistance; long working life 4. Good mechanical strength and processing performance
5. No need to add chemicals, no secondary pollution 6. The titanium substrate can be reused.
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Titanium anode for sewage treatment can treat domestic sewage, industrial water, factory wastewater, etc. During the treatment process, the electrode not only plays the role of transmitting current, but also catalyzes the oxidative degradation of organic matter. Does not cause pollution, known as green water treatment.

The precious metal oxide-coated titanium anodes produced by Sino-Swiss Guoneng are suitable for sewage treatment. It has a high oxygen evolution overpotential, and the anode potential is higher than the decomposition potential of organic matter. When the electrolytic wastewater reacts, the toxic substances in the wastewater will undergo a redox reaction to produce new substances that precipitate and escape, correspondingly reducing the concentration of toxic substances in the wastewater.


1. Disinfecting water machines, and large water plants
2. Treatment of chemical wastewater, oil field wastewater, printing and dyeing ink wastewater, cooling tower circulating water, municipal wastewater, waterworks, aquaculture wastewater, and landfill leachate 
3. Treatment of sewage 
4. Treatment of oily wastewater 
5. Treatment of cyanide-containing wastewater from engineering mines
6. Metal recovery in wastewater , hospital sewage treatment , catering wastewater treatment, etc 



Substrate Titanium (Gr1, TA1, Gr2, TA2)
Coating Ruthenium, Iridium, Tantalum
Coating Thickness 0.2-20μm
Shapes Grid, plane, tube, rod, etc. customization
Chlorine evolution potential <1.13V
Polarizability ≤40mv
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