Ozone stacking tank

1. Simple installation, easy to use
2. High concentration of ozone water, fast and safe
3. Small size, low noise and stable output
4. Low temperature rise, suitable for continuous and stable operation
5. Using precious metal coated titanium electrode, corrosion resistance and long service life
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Ozone superimposed electrolyzer produces ozone by catalyzing water electrolysis. Due to its small molecular size, ozone can rapidly diffuse and penetrate into bacteria, spores and viruses in water, and effectively oxidize and decompose various tissues of bacteria, viruses and algae substances. substance. It is suitable for regular disinfection, sterilization and large-scale disinfection in clean areas. It can completely replace ultraviolet light irradiation and chemical fumigation for large-scale disinfection without secondary pollution.


1. Cleaning and disinfection of packaging bottles and processing equipment in various food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.
2. Sterilization and disinfection of mineral water, purified water, medical water, tap water, etc.; disinfection of water provided by each production enterprise;
3. The aquaculture farms sterilize and disinfect the aquaculture water to prevent and control aquatic diseases;
4. Strengthen sterilization, disinfection, oxidation, sterilization and decolorization in sewage treatment and garbage treatment;
5. Use ozone water for sterilization and disinfection in warehouses and residential water supply.
6. Sterilize and disinfect agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits to reduce pesticide residues;
7. Water disinfection and purification of swimming pools or small family swimming pools, hot spring pools, etc.;
8. Disinfection of packaging, environmental disinfection, detoxification, deodorization and sterilization of air.
9. Disinfect kitchen utensils, tableware, children's toys, clothing, etc.
10. Deodorize and sterilize the places that are prone to peculiar smell.



Electrolyzer Type Effective water flow Voltage Current Ozone concentration
11 pieces of electrolysis 2L/min 24V 8A 2ppm
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