Swimming pool disinfection

1. The pool water has a silky feel for the best swimming experience
2. Continuous production of chlorine disinfectant helps prevent algae production
3. Equipped with many automated systems to minimize maintenance
4. After chlorine dioxide treatment, the residual chlorine in the water is stable and lasting, and the ability to prevent re-pollution is strong
5. The disinfection effect is not affected by the pH of the water
6. Can kill pathogenic microorganisms and viruses in water
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When a DC current is passed through the electrodes, the catalyst reacts with sodium chloride and water molecules on the surface of the anode and cathode to generate chlorine disinfectant in the form of hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite in the pool water. When chlorine kills pathogens and oxidizes organic matter or contaminants, as a recycling process, chlorine remains in the water and returns to its natural state in the form of salt (NaCl). Salt and electricity generate pure chlorine solutions to disinfect pools in a safe, simple and cost-effective manner.
Overall chemical reaction:
NaCl + H2O + electricity → NaOCl (disinfectant)
Anodic reaction:
2 Cl¯ - 2 e- → Cl2
Cathodic reaction:
2H2O + 2 e- → H2 + 2 OH¯



Shape Size Customized according to drawings
Substrate TA1, TA2
Coating Mixed Ruthenium Iridium Oxides
Coating Thickness 1-10μm
Lifetime 3-5 years
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