1. High current efficiency and good energy saving effect
2. Excellent corrosion resistance
3. After the active layer is deactivated, it can be repainted and the substrate can be reused
4. The electrode has a long service life
5. Titanium electrodes are light in weight and have good dimensional stability
6. Can be made into any complex shape and size to meet actual needs
7. Low chlorine evolution potential and high electrolysis efficiency
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The electrodialysis process is a combination of electrochemical process and dialysis-diffusion process; driven by an external DC electric field, the selective permeability of the ion-exchange membrane (that is, cations can pass through the cation-exchange membrane, and anions can pass through the anion-exchange membrane) Membrane), the anions and cations move to the anode and cathode respectively, so as to achieve the purpose of solution desalination, concentration, purification or purification.


1. Water desalination and desalination, seawater concentration to make salt
2. Refined dairy products, fruit juice deacidification and purification
3. Preparation of chemical products
4. Primary softening and desalination of boiler feed water
5. Water supply treatment in electronics, medicine, chemical industry, thermal power generation, food, beer, beverage, printing and dyeing and coating industries.
6. Preparation of purified water and drinking water in food, light industry and other industries
7. Material separation and concentration of high-salt wastewater



Substrate Pure Titanium ASTM B265-Gr1
Coating Ruthenium-based, iridium-based, platinum (targeted coating design according to different polar liquid and material liquid system and service life)
Electrodialysis Desalting/Desalting (Ionic Membrane Permeability)
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