Groundwater remediation

Groundwater remediation

1. It has the characteristics of environmental compatibility, multi-functional applicability, high selectivity, suitable for automatic control, and low operating cost
2. Flexibility, reliability and cost advantages
3. Unique design, easy to install and operate
4. It can be used not only in saturated soil water layer, but also in air-bearing layer soil, and is not limited by depth
5. Titanium electrode has good conductivity, corrosion resistance, and does not introduce secondary pollutants
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In view of the current situation of soil and groundwater organic pollution, a variety of remediation technologies have been developed, including in situ bioremediation, physical remediation, and chemical remediation. In situ electrochemical dynamic remediation technology integrates the disciplines of soil chemistry, environmental chemistry, electrochemistry and water analytical chemistry, and has become a technology with great potential for in situ remediation of organically polluted soil and groundwater.

The electrodes produced by Sino-Sweden can treat and recycle contaminated groundwater. Its metals and charged ions undergo directional migration under the action of the electric field, and then conduct centralized treatment in the set treatment area; at the same time, an electrolysis reaction occurs on the surface of the electrode, the cathode electrolysis produces a reduction reaction, and the anode electrolysis produces an oxidation reaction. Most non-polar organic pollutants are removed by electrodialysis.


This electrode can be used to remove some organic pollutants and heavy metal ions. It is a new green remediation technology that uses the principle of electrodynamics to remediate the soil and groundwater environment.



Shapes Custom
Size Custom
Coating Composition RuO2+IrO2 (normal ratio)
Coating Thickness ≥1.0um
Current Density <=10000mA/M2
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