Acid and alkaline water electrolyzer

Acid and alkaline water electrolyzer

1. The anode size is stable, and the distance between electrodes does not change during the electrolysis process, which can ensure that the electrolysis operation is carried out under the condition of stable cell voltage
2. The working voltage is low, the power consumption is small, and the DC power consumption can be reduced by 10-20%
3. The titanium anode has long working life and strong corrosion resistance
4. High current density, small overpotential, and high catalytic activity of the electrode, which can effectively capture high production efficiency
5. Due to the addition of a variety of platinum group precious metals in the coating, the current efficiency is high, the electrical conductivity is good, the electrocatalytic performance is good, and the oxidation resistance is strong
6. The titanium substrate can be reused. Has a good reversal performance
7. Low overpotential characteristics, the bubbles on the surface between the electrodes and the electrodes are easily removed, which can effectively reduce the voltage of the electrolytic cell
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The electrolytic cell is made of platinum titanium electrode, ion membrane, and abs plastic material used in the cell body. The interior can be equipped with ruthenium-iridium coating, platinum-iridium coating, and single-coated platinum-coated titanium electrode, which has stable and good electrolysis effect. , Electrolytic stability and low price.


Widely used in household electrolyzed water machines, disinfection water machines and large water plants.



Project 3 slots 5 slots 7 slots 9 slots Slot 11
Dimensions 206X105mm 206X105mm 206X105mm 206X105mm 206X105mm
Thickness 35mm Thickness 45mm Thickness 55mm Thickness 66.5mm Thickness 76.5mm
Using water pressure ≤0.2MPa ≤0.2MPa ≤0.2MPa ≤0.2MPa ≤0.2MPa
Operating Temperature 0~40℃ 0~40℃ 0~40℃ 0~40℃ 0~40℃
Water intake 2-4L/min 2-4L/min 4-6L/min 4-6L/min 4-6L/min
Water electrolysis alkaline water output 1-2L/min 1-2L/min 2-3L/min 2-3L/min 2-3L/min
Water electrolysis acid water output 1-2L/min 1-2L/min 2-3L/min 2-3L/min 2-3L/min
PH value of alkaline potentiometric water 7~9 7~10 7~10.5 7~11.5 7~11.5
PH value of acidic potential water 4~7 3~7 2.5~7 2~7 1.5~7
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