EDI pure water and process water treatment

EDI pure water and process water treatment

1. High efficiency, quick effect, stable and reliable operation, small footprint of equipment
2. No impurities are generated in the electrolytic cell
3. It can be applied to different working conditions of current density
4. It can be applied to the electrode reverse system
5. The anode can be used repeatedly after recoating
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Many industrial applications require the reprocessing of already treated “clean” water entering the plant to bring it to a higher level to ensure it meets the high standards required by the production process. Treatment of process water by electrolysis is an effective method for treating this type of water.

Influencing factors in the electrolysis process:

(1) Electrode material. The selection of electrode materials is very important. Improper selection can reduce electrolysis efficiency and increase power consumption. Zhongrui Guoneng (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. specially developed a new type of electrode for this purpose. This electrode has simple connection, safe operation, low energy consumption, good electrocatalytic activity, corrosion resistance and long service life.

(2) Slot voltage.  The power consumption is related to the voltage. The tank voltage depends on the resistivity of the sewage and the spacing between the plates. We provide special customized solutions according to the needs of customers.



EDI water purification equipment, high-purity water production equipment.



Substrate Titanium (Gr1, TA1, Gr2, TA2)
Coating ruthenium, iridium hybrid
Coating Thickness 0.2-20μm
Shapes Grid, plane, tube, rod, etc.
Chlorine evolution potential <1.13V
Polarizability ≤40mv
Water temperature range 5~50℃
Work pressure 0.07~2.0kgf/cm2
Outlet Flow 60L/h ~ 1000L/h
Storage Conditions Normal temperature, cool
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