PEM electrodes

1. The coating is uniform, the performance is uniform, and the quality is stable
2. High power density
3. High durability and good dimensional stability; 4. Strong environmental adaptability
5. Can provide customized solutions for customers 6. Electrochemical oxidation resistance, low corrosion, good chemical stability
7. Good mechanical properties and long service life
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PEM proton exchange membrane electrode is a high-performance water electrolysis hydrogen production membrane made of international advanced nanotechnology. It has efficient proton conduction performance, which can reduce the internal resistance of the electrolytic cell and improve the current density. The lower dimensional change rate prevents the membrane and the electrode from peeling off due to the increase of local stress caused by the expansion and contraction during the membrane water absorption and dehydration, which reduces the life of the electrolytic cell. Form a good ion channel and reduce the resistance of ion transport. The membrane has efficient proton conductivity. It can well isolate hydrogen and oxygen to prevent mutual channeling, and has good chemical stability, thermal stability and hydrolysis resistance.

1. PEM water electrolysis to produce hydrogen.
2. Fuel cells, hydrogen generators, etc.



Substrate Perfluoroxanthate resin
Craftsmanship ☑Coating         ☐Coating        ☐Plating
Capacity Anode ☑Ir0x    ☑Pt      ☑RuOx   ≥0.2mg/cm²on request
Cathode Pt ≥0.2mg/cm²
Coating thickness ≥100 μm
Current density ≤2A/cm²
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